Call it ironic; call it hypocritical. I love listening to other people’s stories and retelling them, but I abhor talking about myself.

I think it’s what makes this newspaper business my calling.

But now I’m in a quandary. Since I’m new here, I know it’s important for readers to get to know a little something about this guy bringing them sports coverage.

So, I will take as little space away as possible to introduce myself to Galveston County.

Your new sports editor is a Texas native — born in Victoria and raised in nearby Alvin.

My small town upbringing definitely influences the way I would like to approach sports coverage, as I hope to make it as local as possible.

When it comes to professional sports, I’m a fan of all the Houston teams, through and through. On the collegiate level, I am a proud Texas Tech Red Raider.

Obviously, in my line of work, I am a sports fanatic — whether it be mainstream sports like football and basketball or less widely followed ones like mixed martial arts or international soccer.

Heck, I’ll even watch and try, in vain, to understand Australian-rules football or cricket.

For most of the past six years, I have worked for newspapers in South Texas and the Hill Country, with my most recent stop being a yearlong stint as sports editor of the Kerrville Daily Times, a sister paper to The Daily News.

While my experiences in those parts of our great state were nothing short of excellent, there’s no place like home here in the greater Houston area.

For me, home means getting to spend much more time with my great friends and family.

Home means getting to return to all the sites I grew up loving. And home means no longer having to begrudgingly respect the Spurs.

I look forward to doing my very best as sports editor to make your sports section the best it can be.

James LaCombe is the Sports Editor of The Daily News. Contact him at 409-683-6992 or

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Robert Buckner

Ok Mr. Sports Editor, I've got a request.
It would be nice if at the end of local (high school) reports/scores, that the teams involved had their next opponent, location and time, published as well. Especially during the playoffs where we do not have schedules at our fingertips or online. I'm aware you often utilize students/coaches to call in scores but they could also report the requested items above as well .
Prepare to get very busy when HS football starts but do not forget a sense of humor during the season. Some in this area can be brutal as well as former local students living out of state throwing in their two cents worth. Good luck Mr. Lacombe!


Thank you sir! I hope your tour here is most prosperous and fulfilling. You mentioned that you are a Red Raider fan. Well T.J. Is burnt orange through and through, backward and forward, up ad down, and sideways! I think that is good to know. Okay? With that, welcome to the Gulf Coast, where all of it is happening!

Melanie Perry

please correct your phone number to 409-683-5242.
Thank you and welcome aboard.

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