Aulds has a sound approach to All County picks

I applaud T.J. Aulds’ well-reasoned approach to the All County picks (“All County picks aren’t an exact science,” Daily News, March 23).

Parents, of course, have biases, but let’s remember coaches also have biases: pressure from parents and even pressure from within their own schools.

It’s tough enough for coaches to try to keep parents happy, but what if one of those parents also happens to be your boss or co-worker?

The process of picking all-district is especially objective and meaningful.

Coaches, other than the athletes’ own coaches, who have watched and scouted players all season, or for many seasons, have the best perspective and the least political pressure to pick anyone except the best athletes.

This relevant benchmark, coupled with player stats and analyses by those who report on and follow these athletes daily, gives the least subjective evaluation and rankings that are free of biases, politics and parental pressure.

As Aulds said, no method is perfect and pleasing everyone is impossible, but your method seems to make the most sense.

Eric Plangman

League City

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