Two local district champions were unsurprisingly well represented when their districts recently released their postseason accolades.

Clear Lake senior forward Michael Plaza was named district 24-5A’s offensive most valuable player, senior goalkeeper Jack Curtis was named goalkeeper of the year and head coach Jered Shriver receiver coach of the year honors.

The district champion Falcons, who went two rounds deep into the playoffs, also led the way in first team selections with five other players earning that distinction.

Senior Colin Sizelove of fourth-place playoff qualifier Clear Springs was named district 24-5A defensive MVP, and his teammate, Jordan Burke, was named to the first team.

In the district 43-4A awards, champion Friends-wood led the way in the top honors, which included district MVP Dylan Waugaman and five other first team selections.

The Mustangs’ season came to a close in the second round of the playoffs.

Texas City senior Tres Rodriguez was named the district’s offensive player of the year and coach Chad Carner earned coach of the year honors for the rebuilding Stingarees squad.

Santa Fe senior Richard Tyldesley was selected defensive player of the year, and Ball senior Alex Chavez was picked as goalkeeper of the year.

District 24-5A

OFFENSE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Michael Plaza, Clear Lake

DEFENSE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Colin Sizemore, Clear Springs

GOALKEEPER OF THE YEAR: Jack Curtis, Clear Lake

COACH OF THE YEAR: Jared Shriver, Clear Lake

District 43-4A

PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Dylan Waugaman, Friends-wood

OFFENSE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Tres Rodriguez, Texas City

DEFENSE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Richard Tyldesley, Santa Fe

GOALKEEPER OF THE YEAR: Alex Chavez, Ball High

COACH OF THE YEAR: Chad Carner, Texas City

First team

Lennon Beavers, senior, Clear Springs

Jordan Burke, senior, Clear Springs

Dominic Wood, sophomore, Clear Springs

Michael Gorgos, senior, Clear Falls

Igor Magalhaes, junior, Clear Falls

Daan Saavvedra, junior, Clear Falls

Austin Mathews, junior, Clear Creek

Carlos Ramirez, senior, Clear Creek

Juanito Flores, senior, Dickinson

Bernie Garcia, senior, Dickinson

Blake Bontz, senior, Clear Lake

Daniel Penley, junior, Clear Lake

Kenny Ruadhri, senior, Clear Lake

Camilo Vives, senior, Clear Lake

Jason Weed, senior, Clear Lake

Victor Damian, senior, Brazoswood

Skylar Dolezal, senior, Brazoswood

Aaron Frazier, junior, Brazoswood

Alex Martinez, sophomore, Brazoswood

Quinton Bridges, senior, Clear Brook

Bryan Guerrero, senior, Clear Brook

Second team

James Bartlett, junior, Clear Falls

Thomas Groom, sophomore, Clear Falls

Nick Spehar, senior, Clear Falls

Ivan Adams, sophomore, Clear Springs

J.J. Bolton, senior, Clear Springs

James Wright, junior, Clear Springs

Wade Deschamps, junior, Clear Creek

Nick Pacilio, junior, Clear Creek

Juan Deleon, junior, Dickinson

Emilio Marquez, junior, Dickinson

John Harvison, senior, Clear Lake

Blake Haygood, senior, Clear Lake

Bailey Nicodemus, junior, Clear Lake

Daniel Saiz, junior, Clear Lake

Corey Zimpfer, senior, Clear Lake

Cameron Cooley, senior, Brazoswood

Garrett Urie, junior, Brazoswood

Zach Waguespack, junior, Brazoswood

Trent White, junior, Brazoswood

Bryan Davila, sophomore, Clear Brook

Alfredo Ramos, junior, Clear Brook

District 43-4A

First team

Brian Cassady, sophomore, Friendswood

Brandon Hamer, junior, Friendswood

Max Reinert, senior, Friendswood

Derek Wheeler, senior, Friendswood

Zach Wrinkle, senior, Friendswood

Irving Gutierrez, senior, Ball High

Jovani Herrera, sophomore, Ball High

Sheldon Lawrence, senior, Ball High

Robert Garey, senior, Santa Fe

Tyler Matejka, senior, Santa Fe

Miguel Lopez, junior, Texas City

Michael Aoki, senior, Dawson

Brent Johnson, senior, Dawson

Colin Ramby, senior, Dawson

Tate Smith, senior, Dawson

Second team

Garrett Bode, senior, Friendswood

Anthony De La Fuente, junior, Friendswood

George De Villez, junior Friendswood

Cameron Hunnicutt, senior, Friendswood

Bishop Lopez, junior, Friendswood

Shaun Hovck, senior, Ball High

Jose Ostio, senior, Ball High

Rodolfo Perez, senior, Ball High

Brian Leining, senior, Santa Fe

Samuel Marshall, senior, Santa Fe

Colin Abernathy, senior, Texas City

Rami Banton, senior, Dawson

Tyler Day, junior, Dawson

Robby Gardner, junior, Dawson

Joseph Gillis, senior, Dawson

Honorable mention

Luis Guzman, junior, Ball High

Lorenzo Portillo, junior, Ball High

Kyle Wheeler, freshman, Ball High

Trey Brittenum, sophomore, Friendswood

Brice Cole, sophomore, Friendswood

Matthew Thompson, senior, Friendswood

Regan Ballew, freshman, Santa Fe

Tyler Elliott, senior, Santa Fe

Alyias Steinbach, junior, Santa Fe

Devin McDeamon, senior, Texas City

Nathan Stahl, junior, Texas City

Jason Wiggins, junior, Texas City

Omar Lopez, senior, Dawson

Darwin Lucero, senior, Dawson

Santos Varela, senior, Dawson

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