The Texas City Stingarees are playoff-bound, after defeating the Fort Bend Elkins Knights, 39-21, at home Friday night.

“Our defense played extremely well,” said Texas City head coach Leland Surovik. “We kind of jumped up on them and held on to it. We bent a little bit, but we held our own.”

Texas City’s offense got to work on their first drive. They kept Elkins’ defense off balance using the run and the pass. Jo’Vel McDaniel found a hole on the right side and took it to the house for a 20-yard touchdown, the extra point was no good.

On Elkins’ next offensive possession, the snap went over punter Ethan Henry’s head. He was not able to down it until it was at their own 12-yard line.

Two plays later, Phillip McDaniel broke a few tackles and found the end zone for a 7-yard touchdown

Elkins received their first touchdown of the game with 3 minutes left in the first quarter. Luke Leblanc connected with Patrick Ballard for a 25-yard completion to the 1-yard line. Two plays later, Ballard received the ball on the end-around and found the end zone for a 4-yard touchdown.

The Elkins’ defense stepped up on Texas City’s next possession forcing a fumble at their own 35-yard line. The Elkins’ offense was unable to capitalize even though Texas City’s defense had three 15-yard penalties. Elkins’ Leblanc was intercepted by Gabriel Bovio at Texas City’s 2-yard line.

Texas City’s offense extended its lead as time expired in the second quarter. They went on a 15-play drive that went 74 yards. Zion Davis dove into end zone from 2 yards out.

Texas City found the end zone on their second offensive possession of the third quarter. McDaniel connected with Jonathan Jones on the screen play and he took it up the sideline for a 50-yard touchdown. This was the longest play of the game, so far, by Texas City.

As time in the third quarter expired, Texas City’s Kenny Smith intercepted Elkins’ Leblanc at Texas City’s 35-yard line. He returned it to Elkins’ 28-yard line. Three plays later, Texas City’s Alex Paz knocked in a 36-yard field goal.

Elkins answered with a massive touchdown. Leblanc connected with Vernon Harrell for a 55-yard touchdown. Harrell high pointed the ball, then had to put his hand on the ground to keep his balance going into the end zone. The extra point was returned by Texas City’s Markez Demeyers for two points.

Texas City’s offense came back onto the field and wouldn’t be stopped. Jones ran the ball all three times on the drive. His last run was for 49 yards to the house for his second touchdown of the game.

Elkins would not go away in this game. Leblanc found Kolby White for a 39-yard completion. Three plays later, Leblanc scampered for 12 yards. Three plays after that, Leblanc connected with Harrell on the slant for a 2-yard touchdown, the 2-point conversion was good.

“It feels awesome,” said Surovik about making the playoffs. “This is a special group of kids.”

Texas City will have to make a few adjustments going into playoffs. Surovik said after the game they would have to cut down on miscues.

“We have to get rid of the penalties,” said Surovik. “You start going to the playoffs and everyone is there for a reason. “You can’t overlook, you can’t make mistakes, and you can’t penalize yourself.”

Texas City will face Houston Waltrip in the bi-district round of the playoffs.


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