The Dickinson Gators’ special teams issues led them to 50-21 loss to the Atascocita Eagles in the Class 6A-I, Region III area round of the playoffs Friday at Galena Park ISD Stadium.

“You have to be near flawless, especially when you’re playing such a good quality opponent like Atascocita,” said Dickinson head coach John Snelson. “Our kids played really hard, and I’m extremely proud of them.”

The Gators’ defense came up with a massive interception by Bryon Broussard at their own 20-yard line. The Gators’ offense took advantage of the turnover by the defense. Myles Lewis found the end zone on screen that went 57 yards.

The Eagles answered back with a touchdown of their own. Eagles quarterback Jack Roe scampered to the end zone on 47-yard option run.

The Gators had a mishap on special teams. Darryl Harris received a low snap and it went behind him into the end zone. He jumped on it, but was tackled in the end zone for a safety.

Atascocita added another touchdown to its lead when Dammion Green found the end zone from 3 yards out.

The Eagles’ offense started to click on all cylinders in the second quarter. Roe connected with Payton Harden on slant, he made a few moves and got to the end zone for a 58-yard touchdown.

The Gators’ were unable to stop the offensive attack by the Eagles. Decarlos Demmerritte broke for a 43-yard touchdown.

The Gators would not give up, though. Cameron Collins connected with Chris Welch for a massive 71-yard touchdown.

The punting game for the Gators killed them all game long. A Harris punt was blocked by the Eagles and recovered at the Gators’ 29-yard line. The Eagles capitalized on the turnover with a 1-yard touchdown run by Green.

The special team’s woes for Gators continued on a muffed punt by Welch. The Eagles recovered on at the Gators’ 24-yard line. Shannon Junior ran into the end zone from 20 yards out.

The Gators added one last touchdown in the garbage time. Collins found Welch again on a 50-yard reception.

The Gators had a season that started with adversity due to Hurricane Harvey. The Gators put that to the side and had a good season going to the second round of the playoffs. Snelson said he couldn’t have been happier about this season.

“It was lots of character building and life lessons learned this season, like that life isn’t fair and things aren’t always going to go your way,” said Snelson. “I am really proud of our kids on how we stuck together through adversity this whole season.”


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Lyle Dingman

I would like to comment on the coaching but for now lets follow the article. Yes the special teams were uncharacteristically bad and its impact on the outcome of the game was critical. Lets go a little farther in the reporting and ask why was this particular kicker even in the game for Dickinson Blue? It is a fact that the excellent season long kicker did not suit up for the Gator Blue. I know for a fact he was in town willing and available for action.

Question; What transpired between the Dickinson Coaching Staff and this fine young man that caused him to have to make a choice he should not have been forced to make?

Go Gator Nation!

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