GALVESTON — The Kimble Anders era has not officially begun, but he’s already on the job.

Anders was named the Galveston schools’ athletic director and head football coach at Ball High at the end of March.

He is wrapping up work as the director of athletics at the Kansas City, Mo., public school district, but he has high anticipation about returning to his hometown.

“It feels great, and I’m really excited to be able to come back and be a Tor again,” he said.

Anders played football at Ball High School before moving on to the University of Houston and the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs. He enjoyed a 10-year professional career and was named to the Pro Bowl three times.

Though he is winding down his time at Kansas City, Anders is finding time to devote to the Tors.

“I’m in the process right now of gathering all of the information that I can so I can prepare myself for Ball High,” he said. “I’m trying to wrap my brain around a whole lot of stuff, including getting a coaching staff together. When I come down, I want to hit the ground running.”

The coach said that assembling a staff will not be overly difficult despite being located in Missouri, as he has many contacts in the area.

“I’ve maintained relationships over the years, and I’ve talked to a lot of people in Texas,” Anders said. “I go to Galveston and Houston a lot, and I know a lot of coaches.

“I keep up with Texas football. I went to the state championship game last year, so I’m abreast of what is going on in that area. I’m going to take my time finding the coaches that will fit in the program and will be in the style that I am looking for. That will be pretty important.”

Anders said his teams will be known for two things.

“My style is sound fundamental football and playing hard,” he said. “Those are the two most important things that I look for. You need to be aggressive to the ball and be where you are supposed to be.

“In every facet of the game, we have to focus on the bigger picture and being a smart, sound football player. At the NFL level, I have learned a lot of success is being in the right place at the right time.

“The key to football is understanding the overall picture and being a student of the game.”

But, Anders said, his job will be more than Xs and Os.

“I’ve had the experience of being a Tor and playing high school football in Texas, playing at the University of Houston and then in the NFL for 10 years,” he said.

“It was a childhood dream come true and just being able to share those life lessons with people, particularly young kids who haven’t seen me play, is great.”

Those life lessons will be multifaceted.

“I can stress how important education is, how important good citizenship is and all of the things that will take you further in life than football.

“At the end of the day, to be a productive citizen, to be a productive person and have a meaningful life, that is just as important, even more important than being an athlete.”

And the coach relishes the opportunity he has to make a difference in others’ lives.

“When the cheering stops, it’s hard to replace that,” he said. “But where I am now, I am in a leadership role, so I get to help others get their dreams come to fruition.”

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Great job GISD for bringing Kimble back to Ball. He offers so much for our kids especially since this is where he started.

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