A Galveston local will compete at the 10th annual National Shootout for the Texas Outlaw Challenge.

Cass Shewbart, owner of Disturbing the Peace, will head to Clear Lake to try to become the National Shootout winner for his class. Shewbart has competed at every Texas Outlaw Challenge since it began. In 2008, Shewbart won his class at the Shootout.

“In 2008, I had an 08 Liquid Prozac,” Shewbart said. “It’s blue, and I came in second a couple of times in the Shootout. … This will be the first year of me owning Triple X, which we renamed Triple XXX to Disturbing the Peace because it’s very loud.”

The Texas Outlaw Challenge is the largest Shootout event in Texas, according to spokeswoman Jolanta Dryden. Similar Shootout events are held throughout the country.

“(People) are coming across the country,” Dryden said in a phone interview. “We even have people coming from Canada. They are coming in from California, Arizona, Florida, … Missouri and Michigan.”

This is the first year the event will be held on Lake City. The previous nine years, the event was held in Galveston Bay, but organizers were allowed to have the event on Lake City after the six cities representing jurisdiction gave approval.

“Finally, after nine years we’re able to, after a great record of no issues, safety records and all, we were able to move it into the calmer waters, and at the same time since we are moving it into calmer water, more boats are going to be coming in,” Dryden said.

This year’s 10th annual event will also have new events. The Texas Outlaw Challenge will have six new events this year, according to the 2017 event schedule.

“With the new events of course the people who are a part of all the Shootout have more things to do,” Dryden said. “It certainly helps the economy in the entire area and all of the cities that are involved, which is a big plus to the area. The general public has more things to come in and be a part of.”

Shewbart said the event is getting bigger ever year and more prestigious boats are coming from all over the country, which keeps Shewbart coming back every year to participate in the tournament. Shewbart said he likes the speed, the rush and the adrenaline when racing a boat at fast speeds.

“It’s not something everybody can do,” Shewbart said. “For one thing, the average person can’t do it because of the expense. So, they’ll never even get to experience it, and once you do experience it. It gets in you if you have that kind of drive, if you can afford it.”

The Texas Outlaw Challenge will be held Wednesday to Sunday on Clear Lake in Seabrook. For more information, visit the Texas Outlaw Challenge’s website texasoutlawchallenge.com or visit their different social media accounts.

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