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Gary Miller

Bunker C is the nastiest "bottoms" of crude oil.
Luckly, like all other natural products it is bio degradable.
Mother nature will do the final cleanup.

George Croix

Actually, deasphaltined oil, hydrotreated resid, or even some vacuum tower bottoms (common term resid) beats out Bunker C in that regard.
You are right that Ma Nature wins in the end.
The clock is already Ixtoc-ing...

Steve Fouga

I have a question for those knowledgeable of this type of spill.

Speaking strictly from the fisherman's point of view (as opposed to that of a more comprehensive environmentalist), what are the likely effects of this spill over the next few months?

I'm surmising the following, because I have no expertise in this area: Few finfish will be harmed. Bottom-dwelling crustaceans will likely be affected in the near term, but only in the areas where the spill settles. In places where the spill settles and is not remediated, it will likely be silted over soon and have little effect. Beaches and shallows will be remediated quickly where economical, and the effects will be almost unnoticeable within weeks. Jetties and groins could inconvenience rockwalkers for years, the crude being too difficult to clean up properly. Still, not so much a hazard to sea life as a mess on shoes and feet. Boat fisherman will probably notice no impact at all within a few weeks.

Someone please tell me, is this logic close to correct?

David Doe

Lets hope with the tides and the wind it's all in our favor.
We don't need anymore bad news.

George Croix

Yes, you are.
I might add that the event will produce much more heat than light, also...

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