Based on reports from readers on email and voice mail, inshore fishing continued to be on the slow side this week.

There were, however, some unusual catches reported.

Patrick Lopez of Galveston reported an unusual catch by Nick Miura who fished with Lopez’s grandson Joey Battle and Ryan Idoni near Baytown.

While fishing close to the HL&P cooling pond, Miura landed a 30-inch tarpon that gave him a good fight before landing it.

The fish was caught on a silver Rattletrap lure and was quickly released.

Thursday, Bulldog’s Bait Shop reported an interesting situation from the surf.

While conditions were good for fishing, the water still was off-color and trout were hard to catch.

One of the bait camp’s customers was using artificials and gave it up when he noticed shrimp boats dragging their nets close to the beach.

He then took his cast net and made an attempt to catch some nice-sized shrimp for the dinner table.

Then, on the first cast beyond the second sand bar, he caught a 17-inch trout in the net.

While the fish was released, this has to be an indication of good numbers of trout in the surf.

Wednesday, Bobby Martin of Bayou Vista hosted guests Al Gilbert, Sylvia Kellner and their children to a trip to the North Jetty.

Conditions were good except for poor tidal movement.

Still, they were able to manage a number of Spanish mackerel, flounder and pompano.

Martin said that seaweed still is a problem.

The offshore waters continue to be where the action is hot along with the weather.

Thursday, Johnny Vaughn and Kimberly Webb made a trip 20 miles out from the jetties and landed 13 kings, retaining four, seven Spanish mackerel and numerous sharks that were released.

The party boat Capt. John made a trip to the Heald Bank area where the anglers aboard landed limits of red snapper and other fish.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to or call 409-683-5273.

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