Monday, Columbus Day saw few anglers on the water. In fact it was somewhat surprising to me that more boaters and fishermen were not enjoying the lingering summer weather.

Tide levels were unusually high, and about the only weather event that could have influenced this would have been the after effects of Hurricane Nate, although it went ashore hundreds of miles up the coast.

It has always been of interest to me that when conditions become pleasant to be outdoors and fishing is good, it does not attract near the number of anglers as during the windy spring months or hot summertime.

I suppose it is best not to complain as it means less competition on the water for those of us who love to fish in comfort.

With few fishermen on the water, the fishing reports are fewer. Now, that does not take a genius to conclude; however, it does explain the lack of reports from Monday.

There likely is another factor that discourages anglers from hitting the water, besides football games and hunting, and that is the unseasonably warm weather. While the temperatures are not as high as midsummer, they are at the level that trout are not moving much.

The exception is offshore where summertime action continues. The few boats that headed offshore last weekend had good results. Many of the pelagic fish such as king, ling and shark continue to school within 10 miles of shore. Bottom feeders such as all varieties of snapper, trigger fish and others are there and will be throughout the year.

Getting back to the inshore scene, it could be that it will take a serious cold front to change things around. So far that seems to be about as good of an explanation as we have.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to or call 409-683-5273.

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