The water temperature finally has settled into normal fall patterns, and as a result, fish have responded. For several weeks before Thanksgiving, we had mentioned the warm waters as a large part of the problem with fish not moving.

Flounder continued to be caught all around the bays and just barely started moving in late October, a time when they historically were well into their annual migration. A few anglers even expressed concerns that our stocks of flounder were in jeopardy.

Often we have mentioned that water readings needed to get well below 70 degrees before any noticeable changes would be seen.

Fortunately, the log books showed that almost each year, Thanksgiving weekend was one of the best for fall fishing and this year was no exception. All of the big three, flounder, reds and trout, started reacting and anglers able to fish over the holiday weekend found some excellent action.

Now, we are approaching the December full moon, which occurs next Sunday. This event most likely will signal the beginning of this year’s decline in the migration.

Trout action should continue, with Upper West Bay historically proving to be a hot spot in early December, as long as we do not have any serious freezes. For several decades now, our worst freezes have occurred during December, so let’s hope that we are fortunate enough to slide by again this year with no harsh weather.

Tuesday there was not much taking place on the fishing scene, as holdovers from the holiday weekend departed and others were focusing their attention on other activities, the least popular being their jobs.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to or call 409-683-5273.

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