The unseasonably warm weather continues, in fact you may recall earlier this week we mentioned Stan Blazyk’s comment about October being well on its way to being the warmest ever in Galveston.

While the summer-like conditions are great for beach goers, it is not good for fishing this late in the year. Why? Well, with the shorter days, fish start thinking about their transition to and preparations for winter.

Nature tells them what to do and when the shorter days take over, the water is supposed to be much cooler.

Yes, there is some excellent fishing taking place around the Galveston Bay Complex, but not of the magnitude that will occur when cooler weather arrives.

Fall fishermen have a watchful eye on flounder, where they are being caught and the sizes. This tells them a lot about where we are in the migration. Early on, the smaller male flounder will start appearing in increasing numbers along the pathways to the Gulf and so far we have not seen this.

Another sign is that more flounder will be caught in the upper reaches of the bays, as that tends to be where the early movement begins. This week, we had a couple of reports of nice flounder catches from the Clear Lake and Clear Creek (a.k.a. Seabrook/Kemah) Channel areas.

Those catches could be a good sign that the flatfish are reacting to nature and preparing to move to the lower bay.

Trout action in the bays has been good during favorable conditions; however, the schooling has not begun. That will not take place until shrimp begin to move out of the marshes and wetlands and again, cooler water is the key to triggering their movement.

If this turns out to be the warmest October on record, it is anyone’s guess as to when we will see any serious fall fishing.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to or call 409-683-5273.

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