Several readers have called in recently asking if fishing was not unusually slow for this time of year. Most recently, Dwayne Adams asked that question and said that while he and his fishing buddies have read reports of nice stringers of fish being taken, their experience is that catches are not up to par.

Unfortunately, I have not been on the water as much this month as normal; however, the times I have fished it seemed that action has been slower than normal. Part of the problem, and likely a big part, is the water temperature. It wasn’t until recently that the water temperatures have dropped below 70 degrees.

I do expect conditions to change for the better, with Wednesday through Friday appearing to be excellent days for fishing all around the Galveston Bay Complex.

Last weekend, action was spotty with the marshes and back bays being some of the more productive spots, especially for reds and flounder.

The typical hot spots for this time of year are not yet yielding the quality of flounder they normally do. Looking back on reports from the last few years, it appears that this has been a recent trend.

One area that continues to produce fish is the offshore Gulf of Mexico. Last weekend, the party boat Capt. John made one of its overnight tuna safaris to areas around the floating platforms approximately 125 miles out of Galveston.

Hosting 40 anglers, co-captains Jill Williams and Cody Carter placed their guests into some nice fish that included 42 black fin tuna, 450 vermilion snapper, two kings, two scamp grouper, a ling and a barracuda.

Justin Williams, the 12 year-old son of Capt. Jill, was on the trip celebrating his 12th birthday on Saturday. His birthday catch included nine vermilions, two black fins, a king, a scamp grouper and a barracuda.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to or call 409-683-5273.

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