The full moon is upon us and will be quite visible tonight.

That, along with today being Valentine’s Day, makes a perfect combination for treating your significant other to a fishing trip.

If he or she likes to wade fish and go after that once-in-a-lifetime trophy trout, this could be the time to make the move.

If Capt. Mike William’s fishing trip on Wednesday afternoon is any indication, the big girls are out there, just not easy to sneak up on.

Williams, who operates Tarpon Express Guide Service, hosted U. S. Marine Corps Sgt. Jack “Brody” White of San Antonio to an afternoon wade fishing trip near a protected shoreline in Upper Galveston Bay where they landed six trout, with the largest measuring 28 inches and weighing 7 pounds, 4 ounces.  

All of the fish were caught during a 30-minute window beginning about the time the sun hit the horizon. The big fish hit a 51 MR 808 Mirrolure right at dark. The 808 is also called “the widow maker.”

Williams feels we are in the window where the best chances exist for landing the big trout.

A southerly flow of wind is forecast for today, and that should help refill the shallows. The timing on when the big trout struck is so typical for the wall mounts. Most guides who are experienced at finding huge trout this time of year say that just before dark is one of the best times.

Tonight’s moonlight might extend the time; however, when either sun or moonlight is intense, don’t expect the trophies to be nearby. We have mentioned before that the big ones did not survive as long as they have without knowing when and where to make their moves.

What a great gift it would be for your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend to land that big fish on such a romantic occasion.

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