Under light northerly winds Saturday, shark fishing in the surf and from around the jetties was outstanding.

Anglers were returning to 3-G Bait Camp at the Galveston Yacht Basin with good numbers of blacktip, spinner, bonnet head and bull sharks.

A few tagged bull reds were mixed in along with pan fish and gafftop.

Trout action was slow as it has been recently with the best results coming from Trinity and East bays.

Offshore conditions were excellent, and that is where the better fishing has taken place. Friday, king mackerel were pouring onto the cleaning tables from boats fishing 5 to 50 miles out.

Reports from the Texas City Dike indicated slow fishing with mainly pan fish being caught. Jesse Vasquez reported the largest fish landed from the dike Saturday was a huge stingray that had a wingspan measuring longer than 3 feet. The big ray was caught using dead shrimp for bait.

Several readers have inquired about a boat shown on a local newscast last week that had been towed into the Galveston Yacht Basin after running out of gas about 70 miles offshore. Most asked if I had any facts on how this occurred.

Actually, I read about the event in The Daily News, and it puzzled me as well. While I do not know what happened, I speculate the boat’s fuel gauge must have malfunctioned.

The boat was definitely an offshore caliber boat with sufficient fuel capacity for a trip of that distance from shore.

Fuel gauges often malfunction, especially on older boats and those exposed to a lot of salt air.

For newcomers to offshore fishing, I always emphasize the importance of knowing the fuel consumption of your engines and carrying 30 percent more fuel that you anticipate using.

Before departing on an offshore trip, you should know exactly how much fuel you are carrying, with no more than 70 percent needed to cover your journey.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to reel.report@galvnews.com or call 409-683-5273.

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