Good reports came in from anglers fishing East Bay and shell pads off the Houston Ship Channel out of San Leon.

The jetties are producing a good variety of fish; however, it just seems that there is a shortage of summertime jetty trout this year.

Weyland Manning and Smitty Smith fished Deep Reef and Hanna’s Reef in East Bay early Thursday and landed 15 trout to 20 inches, along with two slot reds and a bull red that was released. The anglers used Bass Assassins and Norton Sand Eels for bait.

Purvis Easley reported good results from his trip to the shell pads around wells across the ship channel from San Leon. Easley and a friend landed nine specks, five large sand trout, a flounder and a jack crevalle using live shrimp bottom bumped. The action did not get underway until close to 10 a.m.

Along the beach front, Richard Eberle found lots of sharks in the surf near 43rd Street. The predators were feasting on thick concentrations of shad and mullet. After landing a 6-foot spinner shark and a 4-foot blacktip, Eberle called it quits as he was after bull reds, not sharks. Lots of seaweed was in the area as well.

Richard Belleau, 61st Street Fishing Pier, reported catches of gafftop, croaker, sand trout, whiting and blacktip sharks.

Terry Thompson drift-fished about 5 miles off the beach front Thursday morning and jumped a nice-sized tarpon that quickly spit the hook. Besides the excitement of the tarpon encounter, Thompson landed and released five sharks to more than 6 feet long and several huge gafftop.

Sells Newsome and four friends fished on the charter boat Wild Wind on Wednesday and landed full limits of kings, two ling to 28 pounds and several large sharks that were released.

Today, 2014-15 state of Texas fishing licenses are available.

Most fishing licenses expire Aug. 31, so beat the last-minute rush and get yours before Labor Day weekend.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to or call 409-683-5273.

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