It appears that the oil spill situation is well under control, and with some luck, there will be just minimal after effects on fishing.

Numerous inquiries have been received from readers asking about consuming fish following this event. Tuesday, I called the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Department of State Health Services Seafood and Aquatic Division asking about any advisories or recommendations for sports fishermen.

Both agencies confirmed they are monitoring the situation and have personnel on site keeping abreast of developments. No fish advisories have been issued, as nothing so far has warranted any concern about the safety of eating fish from this area.

The only recommendation made was by the State Health Service: Use common sense when retaining fish for the table. If the fish shows signs of oil or has an oily smell, discard it.

No fish kills have been observed and, as the cleanup continues, there is little likelihood that any will take place.

On the fishing scene, reports from Offatts Bayou and West Bay indicate both bodies of water are clean and oil-free. This same scenario likely applies to most of the other areas in the Galveston Bay Complex.

The big news is the hot trout action around Rollover Pass, where Bulldog’s Bait Shop reported weighing in two large specks caught by Melvin Miller, who limited out while night fishing the Gulf side of the pass. Miller’s two largest fish were a 27-inch, 7.66-pound trout and one measuring 24 inches and weighing 4.94 pounds. Mirrolures were the baits.

Scott Clark landed his largest fish ever from the Galveston area Tuesday. The 9.2-pound, 30-inch bull red was caught, tagged and retained from near 8 Mile Road using crab for bait.

Jason Reuter passed on his observation that oil was not present in Offatts Bayou or around Confederate Reef. Reuter’s customer Lee Hardy fished the 61st Street Fishing Pier where he landed whiting, hardheads and two bull reds to 36 inches in length.

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