Today is San Jacinto Day, and if you grew up in the Houston area during the 1950s and 60s, you might recall that this day also was considered as the unofficial start of the saltwater fishing season by anglers.

The Easter weekend weather in Galveston was about as nice as it gets this time of year. The shortage of live shrimp handicapped anglers who use the popular bait to catch trout, reds and a large variety of other fish. Those choosing to use dead shrimp and other natural baits caught some nice pan fish and scattered reds.

Seawolf Park, along with other popular fishing areas, was packed with fishermen and some nice black drum, sheepshead and reds were caught.

Otis Hemphill found a way to use dead shrimp to attract two keeper flounder and several whiting. He peeled the shell from the shrimp and, according to the angler from Texas City, that is the key to maximizing the aroma and attracting the fish.

In addition to the flounder, six whiting and a small black drum were landed.

The surf was gorgeous Saturday and Sunday; however, reports indicated fishing was off for such ideal conditions. Bull reds, whiting, sand bar sharks and black drum made up most of the catches reported.

Fog was an issue early; however, by late morning visibility was good and several boats made it offshore.

The party boat Capt. John ventured south of the jetties all the way to the ship reef V.A. Fogg.

It was there that Capt. Johnny Williams placed his 82 guests into limits of red snapper. Six sharpnose sharks were also landed.

Jerry DeGuzman landed the big snapper of the trip, a sow weighing 19 pounds.

Fred Schultz and Mario Acevedo headed out to the Heald Bank on Saturday in hopes of landing that first ling and king of the year. While conditions were excellent, the fish just were not cooperating and the only catch for the two anglers was a bonnet head shark.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. To get your catch in the Reel Report, call 409-683-5273 or email

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