Offshore fishing appears to be out for most anglers this weekend as small craft advisories are in effect.  

The recent siege of strong wind has taken its toll on the surf and bays as well.  

Lighter winds are in the forecast for the latter part of this weekend; however, once they set in it will take a few tide changes to clear up the water.  

Anglers wanting to fish for trout, reds and flounder should be seeking protected waters, especially in the vicinity of drains along East and West bays and other areas.

It seems that each time we mention fishing around drains, several calls and notes are received from readers asking what we mean by the term drain.  

Drains, as we use the term, refer to any flow of water from land.  

A good example and the most common use of the word around here refers to fresh water flowing from marshes into lakes, the back bays and the larger bodies of water.  

The reason they often hold fish after heavy rains is the marine life they sweep away and push into the body of water into which they flow.

The survival instincts fish possess tell them that flowing water is synonymous with food.  

A good example of this, while not a drain, is tidal movement. Tidal movement is one of the keys to catching fish.  

The same can be said for any water movement into the bays and includes flowing streams, bayous and creeks.

During the fall flounder run, one of my favorite spots to find flounder is in front of an actual storm sewer drain that flows into the Galveston Ship Channel. 

At times following a heavy rain, especially during November, flounder will stack up around the flowing water and are virtually sitting ducks for tossing a gulp, fingerling mullet, mud minnow or shrimp.

Where is that drain? Well, lots of my peers know about it, and if you see my boat anchored in front of a drainage pipe just off the Galveston Ship Channel, you likely have located my “honey hole.”

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. To get your catch in the Reel Report, call 409-683-5273 or email

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