The good news on the fishing scene is for the Seawolf Park fishermen. Wednesday, I visited with Kelly de Schaun, executive director of the Galveston Park Board of Trustees, and she told me that the park should reopen Friday.

While other areas closed by the oil spill such as the Texas City Dike have reopened, there remained a lot of cleanup that forced Seawolf Park to remain closed. Now, it appears operations will resume in time for the big Easter weekend.

With the black drum run still in progress, the park’s closing was frustrating to anglers who target large drum this time of year. It is one of the best spots for bank fishermen to have a good shot at hooking into one of the big uglies, and with the lingering cold winter, chances are good the drum run will extend further into April and possibly early May this year.

Dizzy Green at the Galveston Fishing Pier sent a note saying increasing numbers of bonnet head sharks are being caught from the pier. Sand bar pups, redfish and sand trout also are being landed.

The beach water temperature was set back by the recent cold front and on Wednesday was down to the mid-60s. A quick warm-up is expected with the strong southerly winds and warmer weather in the forecast.

John Satterwhite of San Leon sent a note saying he has fished the annual black drum run for many years and had always found crab, live or broken in half, to be the best bait for the big, oversized fish. He now is adding crawfish to that category as he has been using them for bait and has landed several big drum.

His method is to take live crawfish and crush the head before placing it on the hook. He normally uses two or three at a time.

Satterwhite said the Texas City Dike and at the Bolivar Gas Wells is where he landed the biggest fish.

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(3) comments

Gary Miller

Eat ya Mud bugs. Big ugly ain't so good ta eat as cajun boiled mud bugs.

Steve Fouga

That's for sure!

But a small ugly is the best eatin' fish we've got. A lot better than a speck and a little better than a red...

Gary Miller

The TC dike is again fully open with all launching ramps ready to use.

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