Thursday night, the bite was on for anglers fishing under the lights around docks and piers. Jim Thornberry of Jamaica Beach reported hot action on trout, both specks and sandies, around his boat dock. His tally for the evening was six specks and 13 sand trout. Free-lined live shrimp was the bait and the action took place between 10:30 p.m. and midnight.

Another report came from Terry Hornburg who fished near the Crash Basin using his kayak to maneuver around. Hornburg’s catch consisted of a cooler full of sand trout, with speck jigs in white and pink taking all of the fish. His catch took place between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m.

Low tide levels likely will be an obstacle to fishing once the cold front passes. Jim Yeager sent a note in response to our mentioning the handicaps of extreme low water levels to fishing. Yeager said that the key is to determine when the tide will start moving back in.

His experience has shown that once a strong cold front passes and the north wind settles, ensuing high pressure tends to keep the water from flowing back in. His suggestion is to watch for the wind shift to an easterly direction whether northeast or southeast. Once that occurs, the currents will move and the fish will start biting.

While we have discussed the effects of strong cold fronts on flounder, speckled trout is another fish that reacts to the sudden change in conditions. Often when the fronts empty the marshes, shrimp and other bait will be driven into the bays and speckled trout can sense this and start schooling around the migrating dinner buffets.

This is a time when seagulls are the fisherman’s best friends, as they will point to where the action is, as they compete with the trout for shrimp driven to the surface.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to or call 409-683-5273.

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