Relief from the unseasonably warm weather finally arrived; however, it may be a temporary respite. Tuesday, a brisk northerly wind pushed across the Galveston Bay Complex, and while it eliminated most fishing plans for that day, we did see cooler temperatures.

Flounder fishermen could see a spurt in action, as sudden drops in temperature, especially associated with frontal systems, often generate a move among the flatfish.

The recent high tide levels had me a bit confused, as most of the major contributors just were not present to cause water levels of that magnitude. As a result, I checked with The Daily News’ weather expert, Stan Blazyk, to get his input and received an interesting note. Blazyk replied on Tuesday with the following:

“I cannot say for sure, although I can speculate.

“First, higher than ‘normal’ tides is the new normal ... at least for the time being. This month is well on track to become the warmest ever in Galveston (since observations began in 1871). This is reflected in Gulf deep water temperatures. Since warm water expands, water levels will be higher than if the water temperatures were lower. However, today’s cool front and strong northerly winds tonight and tomorrow should counteract that.

“Second, we are seeing a residual run up of water along the northern and western Gulf as there is some inertia built into the development of higher tide levels.

“Third, we are still getting fairly robust fresh water flow into the northwest Gulf from water flowing into the area from the Sabine River to the Colorado River.

“Looking down the road a bit, we are likely to get brisk easterly winds again by this weekend or early next week on the south side of a high pressure system. This type of flow always elevates tide levels.”

Blazyk is and has been a great contributor to the Reel Report.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to or call 409-683-5273.

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