Light winds and hot weather settled in on the Upper Texas Coast on Sunday and that, combined with the full moon and weak morning tides, slowed action to almost a standstill.

The better catches have been coming from deeper waters where the only reports of significant trout action have taken place.

All of this has not slowed tarpon action, as there have been several reports, most unconfirmed, of hot action on the silver kings not far off the beach front.

I am checking on two unconfirmed reports involving fishing guides I know well who purportedly raised a number of tarpon Saturday afternoon.

It should be noted that many of the tarpon guides often go to lengths to hold the information on their catches close to their vests.

The only confirmed report came from Lawrence Arnold who was fishing for sharks with his two young sons about a mile west of the South Jetty when a tarpon took one of the baits. The big fish gave quite a fight before breaking the line.

Arnold said the hit took place in 30 feet of water.

August is usually prime time for tarpon, and when the seas calm to the 1- to 2-foot category, that is when we see them rolling in large schools.

Tarpon Alley, as it was designated by Capt. Mike Williams of Tarpon Express Guide Service, tends to be full of tarpon this time of year.

The mythical alley runs parallel to the Upper Texas Coast for a number of miles.

Spanish mackerel continue to be prolific around the jetties, especially closer to the end of both the North and South jetties.

Marion Hicks was one of many anglers taking a large number back to the cleaning table.

She and her companion, Marsha, landed 12 along with two gafftop and a bluefish. Live shrimp was the bait.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to or call 409-683-5273.

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