Sometimes I hear comments from Polly that I cannot resist passing on. Sunday morning, while driving back to Galveston from near West Columbia, she asked when I thought we could go fishing again. So far, we have not wet a line together this year.

I gave it some thought and said probably around President’s Day, if the weather is cooperative. Her reply was:

“It probably doesn’t matter because we will have forgotten how to fish by then.”

No doubt others share her frustration.

While last weekend turned out to be another bummer on the fishing scene, Henry Marks sent a note asking what we mean when we say that conditions are not fishable.

Unfortunately, we have used that phase too often since early December. The phrase means different things to different anglers.

For some of the more hardy enthusiasts, it refers to stormy conditions where small craft warnings are issued.

To others, it refers to unpleasant weather that could come from strong winds, cold temperatures and other factors that significantly diminish the odds of catching fish.

The latter pretty well reflects our use of the phrase. For instance, I would classify Sunday as not a fishable day. Strong northerly winds and biting cold temperatures were the culprits.

While many years ago, I might have been in that group of hardy anglers mentioned earlier, today I want to have a reasonable chance to catch fish along with being comfortable at the same time.

I keep telling myself (and Polly) that there will be plenty of good fishing ahead, and the weather will be a lot more comfortable.

Hopefully, as the week progresses, we will have some fishing reports to talk about.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to or call 409-683-5273.

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Gary Miller

Capt Joe. With 76 years of fishing Galveston bay I've noticed the age of the fishers has a lot to do with the definition of fishing conditions OK conditions when I was 20 became unsuitable by the time I was 50 and unfishable by 80.

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