What a beautiful day it was Wednesday; however, not much was taking place on the fishing scene.

When this happens it is difficult to gauge how catches would have been with more anglers on the water. Most of the information we use to pass on to readers comes from anglers who have fished that day or from bait camps that have observed catches coming in.

Looking back on this article from years past, more fishermen were out there in mid-November. While weekdays are almost always much less populated with fishermen, during the flounder run lots of action takes place during the week.

Monday, I was visiting with Johnny Earhart, an avid flounder fisherman, about the smaller than usual number of anglers fishing the Galveston Ship Channel area during mid week and he had his opinion on the situation.

Earhart continues to fish his favorite flounder spots along the channel this month. He feels that a big part of the reason there is less competition for him is the closure of the Galveston Yacht Basin Boat Ramp to the general public.

Earhart used to launch his boat there; however, now he launches at either the ramp next to where the old Fat Boy’s Bait Camp once stood or at Galveston Bait and Tackle. He said that he has visited with others at both locations who choose to fish in closer proximity to those locations rather than make the run to the Cedars and other areas along the Galveston Ship Channel.

Personally, I believe that serious flounder fishermen still will make the run to their favorite spots along the channel. Then, when word is out that the big flounder are running in the channel, we will see hordes of anglers almost bow to bow in boats fishing all of the popular areas.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to reel.report@galvnews.com or call 409-683-5273.

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Gary Miller

Monday a woman was catching flounder from the new T head on north side of TC dike. After catching her limit she caught several more for people netting or unhooking her catch. She was the only one catching flounder. Tuesday she was back and again the only one catching flounder. Good flounder fishers know how to catch them. The rest just hope they'll get lucky.

Mark Aaron

Gary: [ Good flounder fishers know how to catch them. The rest just hope they'll get lucky.]

You are quite right. Catching flounder is far more nuanced than most people realize.

horace norris

another deterrent is the 2 flounder limit.........

Mark Aaron

Weather forecasts say a few cool fronts coming, but nothing really cold on the horizon. We might have a late run.

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