Anglers that chose to skip the malls on Black Friday generally were rewarded with some nice catches. Action on flounder is at or near its peak, with reports continuing to come in with quality flounder making up most of the two-fish stringers brought in by fishermen.

The water is cold enough to generate a movement and flounder are taking heed to the fact that winter is on its way. Reds seem to be reacting to the cooler temperatures by increasing their intake of calories. All in all, fall fishing is in full swing.

We have not heard much about speckled trout and that is unusual, as the prized game fish is usually schooling in the bays over Thanksgiving weekend. Trinity Bay is normally one of the hot spots this time of year and several reports have been received of fair-to-good action on trout schooling near the mouth of Trinity River and around the discharge canal of the old HL&P plant.

Flounder and reds keep dominating the fishing reports from West Bay, where trout also are known to school in masses during late November and December.

Earlier this week, pompano, Spanish mackerel and reds were being caught in the green waters of the surf; however, when the wind kicked up just before Thanksgiving, the water became sandy and only reds continued to feed.

Anglers and others who enjoy “cooning” for oysters need to be aware of a new regulation that became effective Nov. 1. Cooning, or collecting oysters by hand as the term is used, is popular this time of year when northers empty the back bays and marshes of water and expose oysters.

The new regulation prohibits commercial and recreational harvests of oysters within 300 feet of a water line along shorelines of the mainland or islands.

The new regulation is designed to help rebuild our dwindling oyster reefs.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to or call 409-683-5273.

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Mark Aaron

I had my 2 fish limit in 45 minutes fishing near the ferry landing today. My son-in-law caught a 23 and a 26. We were using Gulps. He tipped his with small croakers.

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