While fishing is on a holding pattern, there are a couple of items that are of interest in this year’s CCA-Texas Star Fishing Tournament.  

First, and of utmost interest to the majority of anglers entered into the event, is that there has not been a tagged redfish caught by a participant in the tournament.  

So far, four tagged reds have been caught; however, the anglers were not qualified. Normally by this time, close to one-third of the way into the tournament, several truck and boat prize packages have been awarded.

Another item of interest is the leading speckled trout in the tournament.  

This year, Mike Eckhardt of Kemah leads the Upper Coast Division with a 9-pound, 4-ounce fish.  

That is exactly how much the leader from the Lower Coast Division weighed in.

Normally, the big specks are taken from the Laguna Madre area, and there is still plenty of time for that area to reclaim its lead.  

What this is indicating is the Galveston Bay Complex holds some really large speckled trout.

It appears it will be another day or so before conditions begin to settle enough for offshore boats to make it back into the Gulf of Mexico.  

Wednesday, the party boat New Buccaneer attempted an offshore trip; however, wave heights were too high and a turnaround was made back to port.

On Tuesday, the party boat did make it out with 75 anglers aboard and Capt. Smitty Smith took them more than 70 miles out to find fish.

Their catch included 364 vermilion snapper, seven lane snapper, eight blue runner, four tomtate, four mangroves, four Almaco jack and two kings.  

Other fish in the box were African pompano, blacktip shark, red hind and rock hind grouper and some porgy.

The steady rain during the past couple of days likely will do wonders for our fishing in the near future.  

Expect to see some good action on and around the upcoming July 4 weekend.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. To get your catch in the Reel Report, call 409-683-5273 or email reel.report@galvnews.com

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Dwight Strain

Per the CCA website there have been four tagged reds caught and two are qualified winners.

Brenda Bock

I just looked at the website & shows 4 caught but all invalid as of 6/22/14. Was just checking the upper coast though and did not include last week. The Galveston Chapter will be having its annual banquet this year at the Convention Center on the Seawall on Aug 2. Should be a lot of fun. http://www.ccatexas.org/chapters/upper-coast/galveston/

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