Galveston area fishing continues to be excellent with the beach water temperature hitting the mid-80s.

The higher-than-normal tide levels are attracting a lot of fish to the beach front and among them are good numbers of sharks.

Sandy Sanderson, a self-described shark hunter, said that conditions have been ideal for catching large sharks in the surf lately.  

Sanderson fishes for the big creatures at night and moved to this area from Port Aransas two years ago.  

I asked Sandy where he fishes and he said that the absolutely best spot for hooking up with 8-foot and larger sharks is within a mile or two of San Luis Pass during an incoming tide late at night.

The hours from close to midnight until just before first light of day are his favorite times.

Early on Monday, the shark hunter hooked a huge shark that gave him a long battle before breaking his 150-pound coated wire leader attached to 90-pound test line. Earlier this season, he said he landed several sharks in the 10- to 12-foot category, releasing them all.  

Some of the sharks do not survive the release and end up as attention-getters when they eventually wash up on the beach.

One observer watching him land a shark criticized him for not eliminating them rather than releasing.  

He pointed out to that person the fishing regulations that prohibit wasting fish.

Sanderson said his favorite bait is a bonito with the head and tail cut off.  

Other baits he likes are any oily or bloody fish with Jack fish being high on his list.

In other fishing news, Dean Silvers and Jeb Braue fished offshore Wednesday with Capt. Shannon Labauve and ended up with red snapper limits to 17 pounds, four large kings and a 62-pound ling.

Brenda Rilat, Lee’s Bait and Tackle, reported a nice flounder haul from the Bolivar area by Elvin Maxwell, Dog Maxwell and Greg Chapa.  

Their catch included eight flounder, three trout and two sheepshead. Live shrimp was the bait.

Tournament results

42nd Hall of Fame Tournament — Final results

Inshore Division

Trout: Kevin Heiman, 8.64 pounds

Redfish: Blakelen Williams, 9.38 pounds

Bull Redfish: Amy Kuykendall, 32.68 pounds

Flounder: Jason Williamson, 4.15 pounds

Stingray: David Salazar, 176.2 pounds

Jackfish: Gary Hiles, 29.61 pounds

Gafftop: John Riley, 6.22 pounds

Offshore Division

King: Chris Jacobs, 49.79 pounds

Shark: Fredo Ramos, 654.0 pounds

Dolphin: Jimmie Sausser, 8.22 pounds

Ling: Ron Wright, 83.42 pounds

Open: Gerrett Oswald (Barracuda), 53 pounds

Youth Division

Crab: Brandon Henscey, 83⁄4 inches

Croaker: Katy Calhoun, 0.70 pounds

Hardhead: Brock Bailey, 3.0 pounds

Piggy Perch: Faith Garner, 0.95 pounds

Sand Trout: Tyler Calhoun, 1.70 pounds

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. To get your catch in the Reel Report, call 409-683-5273 or email

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Gary Miller

Conditions have been ideal for catching large sharks in the surf lately.
How dose that affect conditions for swimmers?

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