A cold winter’s day — that is the best way to describe Galveston area weather Wednesday. Adding to the misery were winds near gale-force velocities, making the chill factor seem like Antarctica.

No fishing reports were received, as no one was out fishing. That will change as the week progresses and a warming trend sets in.

During the big drum run that is underway, Seawolf Park is always a major attraction for anglers without boats who want a chance at catching an offshore-quality fish.

John McMichael, park manager, gave an update on what is taking place at the popular fishing spot.

“The fog has kept a lot of fishermen at home, but the ones that have ventured out this week have had a great deal of luck with black drum,” McMichael said. “At least 11 were landed Monday and no less than five Tuesday. This action should only get better as the water temperature rises.

“Add this to the newly rebuilt and now open bulkhead area, a good time is being had by the anglers fishing at Seawolf Park. The park is also gearing up to start night fishing on weekends in the very near future.”

Other areas that attract bank fishermen during the drum run are the North Jetty and piers and rock groins along the beach front. The North Jetty can be a hazardous place to walk and is not as user-friendly as the other areas mentioned. For updates on what is taking place at the North Jetty, call the North Jetty Bait Camp, 409-684-1400.

Veterans of the black drum run have several baits they prefer, with crab — especially live crab — being at the top of the list. Cut bait such as mullet, shad and whiting also are popular.

In recent years, with the widespread availability of crawfish this time of year, that bait has gained in popularity, especially when crab is in short supply.

Not to be left out, this also is the time of year for trophy trout to be roaming the shorelines.

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Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. To get your catch in the Reel Report, call 409-683-5273 or email reel.report@galvnews.com.

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