A window of good fishing took place Sunday afternoon at several spots and lasted until the wind shifted to the north.

Christmas Bay, a popular area that we have not heard much about lately, produced some nice slot reds and flounder.

The reports came from Christmas Point and Mud Cut. The anglers named Bruce and Maurice, both from Sea Isle, used Norton Sand Eels and small gold spoons with pink buck tails for bait.

Moses Lake was a good spot for reds Sunday afternoon, according to a report from The Fish Spot. Several anglers using a variety of natural baits took limits and near limits of slot reds along with a few black drum.

The beach water temperature still is having problems exceeding 70-degree readings as the frequent cold fronts this season keep pushing the temperature back.

Monday morning, the water was back below 70 degrees; however, later this week we should see a warming trend that will be good for fishermen.

Richard Belleau, 61st Street Fishing Pier, reported the water at that location hovering around 70 degrees and said once it warms a bit, specks will begin making their appearance in the surf.

Sunday, Belleau’s customers were catching bull reds, black drum, whiting, sand trout and gafftop.

Boaters docking their boats at Southshore Marina on Clear Lake have been reporting good catches of reds from their slips, especially around lights during the evening hours. Cut bait and various artificials were mentioned as the baits.

Chris Watkins sent a note asking when live croaker works best for fishing. Watkins has used them many times to catch trout and finds them superior to other baits. He said none of his friends use croaker during the winter and is curious as to why.

While I do not fish with live croakers often, it is always summer when trout are deep when the small finfish works best for me. One of the keys to determining when it is best to use a particular bait is to learn the feeding patterns of the fish.

Croaker are found in the bays in the largest numbers during the summer and fall months. That likely is the key to deciding on when to use them or any other live bait.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. To get your catch in the Reel Report, call 409-683-5273 or email reel.report@galvnews.com.

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