Galveston area anglers opposed to the proposed reduction in bag limits on speckled trout had some good news from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Commission last week.  

The commission decided not to propose a change to the current bag and size limits for trout on the Upper Texas Coast, which includes the Galveston Bay Complex and Sabine Lake.

A proposal was adopted to extend the current five-fish bag limit for trout that exists in the Lower Laguna Madre to FM 457 near Sargent.  

The proposed reduced bag limit includes all of the coastal waters south of that point, including all of Matagorda Bay and the Middle Texas Coast.

The situation is different for flounder. The current November daily bag limit of two fish per angler is proposed to be extended to include the first two weeks of December. Flounder gigging, which is banned during November, will continue to be allowed to resume in December.

Scoping meetings conducted by the TPWD along the Upper Texas Coast indicated a strong opposition by anglers to any changes in the current regulations for either trout or flounder.

The proposed changes will be voted on at the March meeting of the Commission and, if passed, take effect Sept. 1.

In fishing news, Julie Beaman of Bayou Vista sent a note telling of her recent fishing experiences. 

“One day we have icicles hanging from the house eaves, the next day I have a cooler full of beauties,” Beaman said, adding that she caught three reds, 24 to 29 inches, and four speckled trout 24 to 30 inches Saturday night fishing under the lights in Bayou Vista. 

Mirrolure 52M28 and a ratly-jointed lure thing she found on the sidewalk that a monster red decided to take with it were the lures. 

“At least I took a picture of the lure before I lost it,” she said.

We assume that she used a tag on the largest red, and only one of the trout was larger than 25 inches.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. To get your catch in the Reel Report, call 409-683-5273 or email

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