The surf must be warming, if recent catches are any indication.

Bulldog’s Bait Shop reported an excellent catch by Texas A&M University at Galveston student Lee Hardy, who fished the surf Monday night. Hardy used cut mullet and dead shrimp to land two bull reds, numerous stingrays, whiting and hardheads.

The rays and hardheads are typically warm-water fish and usually are among the first species to move in when the water begins to warm. This should be welcomed news to the many anglers who have been cabin-bound waiting for winter to depart.

Lance Ernst and Ray Frazier battled the fog Monday to get into some action in West Bay

The West End anglers found some off-color water in the lower part of the bay where they limited out on trout to 24 inches. Mirrolures were the baits of choice.

Johnny Treadway and Helen Tucker fished Gum Bayou near the FM 517 bridge Monday and caught four slot reds to 24 inches. Treadway said the reds were feeding around some of the piers along the bayou and were caught sight casting. Live mudfish and shrimp were the baits.

Roland Sargent of San Leon reported good fishing from the HL&P Canal that once fed the abandoned power plant. Last weekend, he observed anglers returning to their cars with stringers of reds and puppy drum all caught from the bank using dead bait.

Sargent, who has fished the area for more than 40 years, said seeing those catches reminded him of the days when the water was flowing in the cooling canals and fish would stack up in good numbers.

Anglers fishing the pier at the 61st Street boat ramp have been catching a variety of pan fish, especially at night.

Raul Hernandez and his young son fished the pier last weekend and were pleased with their catch of black drum, whiting and sheepshead.

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