Tuesday’s southwest wind, gusting at times to more than 30 knots, created sandy, off-color waters and virtually shut down fishing. The bays and surf are showing the effects of the wind and, hopefully, a change will take place before the weekend crowds hit.

Mid-June through mid-July typically is when we see the ill-wind set in and create havoc for fishermen and boaters. At velocities like those Tuesday, there just are not many places holding fishable waters, at least for game fish.

Offshore waters are not as badly affected, especially when the wind speed is much lower. With velocities like those Tuesday, even the offshore waters are out, as small craft advisories take over.

Tuesday, I visited Seawolf Park and toured the new fishing ramp with John McMichael, the park manager. The new facilities along the Galveston Ship Channel provide badly needed additional and open space for fishermen. Those fishing Tuesday were catching mostly bottom feeders; however, McMichael said earlier in the day, an angler caught several specks on the north end of the new bulkhead.

Monday ended red snapper season for this year, at least in federal waters, and the party boat New Buccaneer made its last trip of the season. Capt. Smitty Smith took 99 anglers out 60 miles where they limited out on red snapper and also caught two kings, a shark and lane snapper

Capt. Cody Carter took a bay group out on the Cavalier and returned with a catch of gafftop and sharks.

Before the wind switched to the southwest and picked up, tarpon continued to be caught just outside of Galveston. George Dehoyos of San Antonio landed an estimated 140-pound silver king fishing with Capt. Mike Williams of Tarpon Express Guide Service.

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