There is good news regarding the windy conditions that have been plaguing the area lately — the direction has changed from the southwest to the favored southeast. Later this week, velocities are forecast to drop, and that should create good fishing conditions, especially by the weekend.

Saturday, Capt. Jaime Cantu hosted Ed Sacks and his son Ben and friend Scott to a successful jetty trip despite screaming winds. The high winds forced the group to find protected waters and once that happened, the bite turned on.

Lots of reds, gafftop and sharks were hitting the fresh shad and whiting used for bait; however, the highlight of the trip was a 60-pound ling that measured more than 4 feet.

Several readers have expressed confusion about the current red snapper regulations and cite reports of one of Galveston’s party boats bringing in red snapper from recent fishing trips.

While it is understandable how the reports could cause confusion, the red snapper regulations have not changed. The Williams’ Party Boat’s Capt. John is taking part in a two-year experimental program in which they are issued a poundage quota for red snapper and can take it anytime during the year. When the quota is filled, the boat has to discontinue taking red snapper for the remainder of the calendar year.

While the two-fish, 16-inch minimum size applies, they are not restricted to the short season set to begin June 1 for all other anglers, including other charter vessels.

In their last report, the Capt. John returned to dock with 110 red snapper to 20 pounds along with a 40-pound ling and other fish. The catch was made around the sunken ship wreck V.A. Fogg, about 44 miles south of the jetties.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. To get your catch in the Reel Report, call 409-683-5273 or email

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