Gusty north winds have settled in for a few days and, with another cold front on its way, anglers need to look for protected waters in which to fish.

Before the front hit Monday, Charlie Elmore of Bayou Vista fished the North Jetty and landed five trout and three slot reds.

Early Tuesday, Greg Hagerud fished the Galveston Ship Channel area and lost several large trout while trying to land them without a landing net. Swinging fish into the boat works fine for school-sized trout; however, with the larger fish, it just does not work well.

Several years ago I lost a 20-pound class red snapper thinking I could easily lift it over into the boat; however, that time I lost a real wall hanger. “Lesson learned!”

One of the frustrations anglers will confront with our season of cold fronts is the low water levels and slack tides that accompany the ridge of high pressure that follows passage.

For me and many anglers, it is a time when little takes place in the way of action.

Jennifer Cross sent a note addressing this situation. She mentioned that along with her boyfriend Tom Wadley, she enjoys the cooler conditions of fall fishing and on occasion catches flounder and other fish during the so-called prefrontal bite. It is those times when the tide is out, there are bright clear skies and no tide movement that they have no luck at all. “Where should they fish during such conditions,” she asked?

While many of us have the same poor results immediately following the passage of strong cold fronts, several fishing guides have told me that the key is to find deeper water and wait until the tide starts moving. Often this is later in the day following passage.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to or call 409-683-5273.

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