We have been reporting the poor results of inshore fishing lately; however, we have not discussed the possible reasons for the lack of action.

The answer appears to be in the tidal movement, or the lack thereof, during the day. While the tide charts show the afternoon tides to be the stronger, the morning tidal movement has been weak.

Capt. Josh Arscott pointed this out and said the afternoon tide strength has been so strong that fish seem to go into hiding rather than feeding. He feels that until this scenario changes, the early morning will be the best for fishing.

Arscott is a well-known flounder guide who specializes in flounder gigging trips at night.

The offshore waters continue to produce some excellent catches and, until a weather system interrupts conditions in the Gulf, should continue that pattern through August.

Bruce Farnsworth and friends were offshore earlier this week and hooked up with so many kings, bonito and sharks that it took its toll on their stamina during the heat.

All of the fish were released except for three Dorado caught near a weed line. The action came from near the Heald Bank.

The party boat New Buccaneer made a 75-mile trip Tuesday where Capt. Smitty Smith found some nice fish for his guests. Among the fish landed were 256 vermilion snapper, 41 kings, grouper, Dorado, ling and tomtate.

The third STAR Tournament tagged red was certified this week. The fish was landed by Mike Capell.

This week, I have been visiting a remote area of northeast Maine where there is no cellphone service and limited Internet access. While I am enjoying the beautiful surroundings, including running lobster pots, with a local fisherman, I am unable to take the messages called in to the Reel Report. Please be patient as I will return to civilization by Friday and back home this weekend.

Reel Report

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to reel.report@galvnews.com or call 409-683-5273.

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