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Chris Tucker

I also attended the TP&W meeting and would like to compliment the TP&W staff for their patience and professionalism in ensuring every person who wanted to voice an opinion or suggestion got their chance.

A couple of facts I retained from the meeting:

There are over 1.2 million saltwater fishing stamps sold each year in Texas.

Our population growth needs to be factored into the equation.

Fishermen of today are more efficient than in years past due to better equipment, more realistic fishing lures and internet sites which spread the word as what and where the fishing are biting, schooling, etc. which means more fish can be caught by less people.

Any changes made would require a certain number of years (depending on the species) to determine whether the changes resulted in a negative, positive or neutral impact.

TP&W made the point time and time again that any changes which may occur could have a "Sunset" provision.

The most interesting fact was 30% of the flounder harvest is taken by the commerical flounder fishermen which is only 70 licenses for the entire state!!!!!!

Everyone needs to looks to the past in order to look to the future.

It is not the 70's we knew in our youth and it our responsibility to ensure we leave our fishing habitat and population in better shape then we found it.

Texas is the only coastal state which has open meetings for its citizens to provide input so I encourage everyone to submit their comments and suggestions to TP&W because if you don't participate then quite honestly we don't want to hear your griping!

Take a kid fishing as they are our future!

shelley bishop

One of the well-known flounder fishermen stood up and recommended designating flounder as game fish. The result of that would be to eliminate them from commercial activity.

That would also eliminate gigging since game fish can only be caught by hook and line.

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