Wednesday, the threat of thunderstorms caused me to change my plans from fishing to restringing several of my reels. This is an exercise I go through three or four times a year, especially after the line has been stretched and weakened.

Anyhow, the main purpose of mentioning this is to share a new (new to me) method of unspooling fishing line. In this case it was monofilament line.

Normally, I have used a battery-operated device that unwinds fishing line from reels and has a hook sharpener attached. The C-cell batteries had been in all year and were dead. Instead of replacing them, I recalled a tip in a fishing magazine that recommended placing a pencil in a quarter-inch drill, wrapping the end of the line around the pencil then turning on the drill.

It was amazing how fast that mechanism worked compared to my commercial line remover, and with the line wound around the pencil, it can easily be taken to a monofilament line disposal site.

For many of you this might not be anything new; however, there likely are those, like me, who have never tried it. It worked well and quicker than my old method.

Our fishing reports Wednesday were from offshore, where the action continues.  

The party boat New Buccaneer made a 70- mile trip Tuesday, where Capt. Smitty Smith found the fish. Among the catch brought back were 185 vermilion snapper, 17 tomtate, four Dorado, two ling, kings, gray snapper, sharks, pompano, grouper and squirrel fish.

The party boat Capt. John fished near the old Buccaneer Field on Tuesday where my group fished Monday. Their catch included limits of red snapper along with mangroves, blue fish, Dorado and others.

Jeff Pate and Gary Griffia, visitors from Fort Worth, were on the Capt. John. Pate had a limit of red snapper to 22 pounds, and Griffia took home a 30-pound king.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to or call 409-683-5273.

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