The cold front that passed through Sunday generated a lot of interest in flounder fishing. Several readers asked if this would trigger the annual run and what if any other effects might it have on fishing.

The drop in ambient temperatures into the 60s definitely will have a positive effect on fishing. It will take several more frontal systems of this magnitude or greater to get the flounder to seriously think about the migration; however, there will be movement triggered by the cooler weather.

Reports last week indicated scattered catches of the smaller male flounder around Seawolf Park and near the Texas A&M University at Galveston campus.

The smaller males almost always make up the first wave of flounder and their movement starts well before the larger females. Expect to see increasing numbers of smaller flounder making their way to the Gulf.

Now, where are the females during this time? Most continue to stay in the marshes, back bays and actually all around the Galveston Bay Complex waiting for serious cold fronts with marsh emptying winds to get them moving.

Last weekend there were some nice catches of speckled trout made along the Galveston Ship Channel and parts of the East and West bays.

Greg Hagerud was back on the water last weekend and found nice-sized shrimp plentiful at the bait shops. Saturday, he found blacktip sharks thick in the surf which prevented him from catching other fish. Sunday, he fished the Galveston Ship Channel area and caught six keeper trout and a large black drum.

Offshore action held up over the weekend; however, this cold front may have sent many of the pelagic fish south.

Saturday, the party boat Capt. John made a 60-mile trip south of the jetties where Capt. Cody Carter found action for his guests. Their catch included 150 vermilion snapper, five kings, two scamp grouper, sharks, rockhind grouper and lane snapper.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to or call 409-683-5273.

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Nick Garza

Greg Hagerud keeps showing up in these reports. I just wonder if its the same guy I used to work with at CSI body shop in Webster back in the late 80s.

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