Moderate to strong south to southwest winds continue to plague our area and almost shut down fishing. Sean Edwards of Austin sent a note asking about the persistently strong winds and if anyone could give a reason for it.

The windy situation is not unusual for this time of year. On several occasions I have mentioned the three windiest months along the Upper Texas Coast are March, April and May, with April having the highest average wind velocities.

Does this mean we are in for a windy summer? No, not necessarily. While we could have higher-than-normal winds during the next few months, a windier-than-usual spring does not give an indication for what can be expected during the summer.

As a rule, when wind velocities hit the 15-knot range, fishing begins to be adversely affected. Faster than 20 knots and most fishing trips are canceled or postponed.

When strong winds are out of the east to southeast, tide levels begin to increase and are higher during the duration. The reverse is true with a southwest wind and, of course, a north or west wind.

Southwest winds occur often from mid-June to mid-July and have a definite adverse effect on fishing. Besides creating lower tide levels, they cause the water, especially in shallower areas, to become sandy and off color.

During periods of southwest winds, fishermen try to find protected water and deeper water. The deep waters do not become off color and unfishable as fast as other areas.

When velocities are in the range of what we have seen during the past few days, very few spots are in fishable condition.

Before the onset of the wind, Capt. Ron Woods, 2 Fish’Aholics Charters, had a couple of good fishing trips. Last weekend he hosted the McGuire family from Huntsville to a jetty trip that resulted in landing 19 bull reds with four tagged and retained.

Woods’ other trip included the Smith family — grandpa Brad, son Steve and grandson Patrick. Their catch included three reds, two gafftop and 16 sharks all released except for a redfish.

Cut bait was the choice for both trips.

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Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. To get your catch in the Reel Report, call 409-683-5273 or email

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