The next couple of days will be nail-biting time for anglers concerned over a possible fish-killing freeze.

While it appears that the Galveston area is in for a light freeze, Upper Galveston and Trinity Bays are looking for much colder mornings.

If this were occurring a month ago, there would be more concern as there have been numerous cold fronts since Thanksgiving that have helped to acclimate marine life to the cold weather by sending them to deeper waters.

There is little doubt that this arctic blast will affect fishing patterns when it passes. The good news is that a fast warming trend is forecast to follow, and by later this week temperatures will be in the 60s.

The Reel Report will keep you updated on the latest surveys following this freeze as Texas Parks and Wildlife Department personnel will be on the water looking for signs of a fish kill.

Prior to the arrival of the north wind Sunday, there was some excellent fishing that took place.

Jose Aceves fished near the mouth of Dickinson Bayou and about 30 minutes prior to the wind shift to the north, speckled trout began to hit. Aceves ended up catching his limit of trout to 18 inches in just more than an hour. Numerous undersized trout were released and the bait of the day was chartreuse swimming mullet Gulps.

Wally Weaver and Jake Sattler found speckled trout feeding along the north shoreline of West Bay near the mouth of Carancua Lake. The anglers from Houston used Top Dogs, Corkies and Norton Sand Eels to string 13 trout and a 22-inch red while wading in shell and mud.

An unconfirmed report from Saturday night indicated that sand trout were thick in the canals off Dredgeboat Slough on Bolivar Peninsula. One angler was reported to have landed 36 along with two slot reds.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. To get your catch in the Reel Report, call 409-683-5273 or email

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