Most of this summer we have discussed the unusually hot action on migratory pelagic fish being caught close to the beach front and around the jetties. Well another unusual catch occurred Wednesday — a sailfish inside the South Jetty.

Capt. Kevin Pete, Capt. Keepers Charters, was hosting a party of two. One of his guests landed the 6-foot sailfish.

Could it be the massive influx of seaweed that is drawing the surface fish close in?

Another possible effect from all of this could be on our summertime jetty trout, which are normally thick around the jetties and offer a lot of action for anglers during June, July and August. Is it possible that the larger-than-usual number of surface fish around the jetties is keeping the specks away?

Think about it. Those large fish would love to feast upon school-sized specks.

While inshore fishing has been on the slow side, indications are that action is picking up. Brenda Rilat, Lee’s Bait and Tackle at the Texas City Dike, reported a nice catch from the Bolivar Gas Wells on Tuesday.

Elvin Maxwell, Dog Maxwell and Greg Chapa used live shrimp around the wells to land eight specks, three sheepshead, three sand trout, a gafftop and a whiting.

There have been few reports from the bait camps recently, so I called Galveston Bait and Tackle to find out what has been appearing on their cleaning table. According to their report, mostly specks and reds are being cleaned. The causeway area is where most of the action is taking place.

The party boat New Buccaneer with Capt. Smitty Smith and backup Capt. Cody Carter made an overnight tuna trip this week. Fishing 100 miles out of Galveston, they caught 178 blackfin tuna, 13 yellowfins, 271 vermilion snapper, 15 Dorado and a variety of other fish among which were kings, grouper, barracuda and almaco jack.

Reel Report

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to or call 409-683-5273.

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