Readers have been asking about the sporadic trout fishing this year.  

One of the more common questions centers on the lack of prolific action during conditions that in past years would produce easy limits of trout.

One example comes from Ted Westerman, who is an avid surf fishermen and each year has found easy limits of trout during periods of calm green water with tide moving.  

This year, he has caught trout, but somewhere around half of his normal catch during such conditions. He mentioned that he used one of the preferred baits for trout — live shrimp fished under a popping cork.

Hal Fite had a similar question from his jetty trips this year.  

He, too, has been catching far less trout than normal and asked if others were experiencing the same.

For a good indication of what is taking place, I visited with several well-known Galveston area fishing guides and each told me that this year they have had to work harder to place their guests into good numbers of trout, and still the numbers are down from trips in earlier years.

Lance Robinson, regional director of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, reported earlier that their surveys of trout this year indicate a healthy stock in Galveston Bay.

Now, what is causing the lower catch rate?  

There are a number of theories cited by the guides surveyed, one being that the bay is full of bait and that trout are not feeding as aggressively and frequently.  

A fact to support that theory is the quality of trout being caught.

Another reason is possibly changing feeding patterns.  

Several guides said that they are finding trout in different locations than in the past.

Whatever the reason, don’t get alarmed, there are lots of trout being caught, and if you find the action slow during the morning today and Sunday, blame the full moon.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. To get your catch in the Reel Report, call 409-683-5273 or email

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Don Ciaccio

One of my friends offered an interesting explanation for the lack of trout action. He said he has checked lots of the seaweed, and it is full of shrimp. He thinks the trout are filling up on the free shrimp dinner offered by the massive seaweed this year

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