Conditions are beginning to improve and the fishing is picking up.

Today is Sept. 1, and as mentioned in a recent Reel Report, this is usually when reds beginning making their move.

Well, it appears that started Sunday.

Bulldog’s Bait Shop reported that the cooler temperatures and rough surf has triggered a “run of the reds.”

Customers of the bait shop fishing the surf and jetties were returning for additional bait as the reds were biting.

Eleven year-old Sammy Nevarez was one of them. The young man fished East Beach off Boedecker Drive and landed a 35-inch bull red using crab for bait.

Other anglers using a variety of baits including mullet, crab and cut bait were encountering good action.

Fred Cravings landed and released three bull reds while fishing off Pelican Island near Seawolf Park on Sunday. Cut whiting was the bait.

Nighttime action on trout heated up Saturday night. Mario Conti fished under the lights of piers and docks on Highland Bayou until the wee hours of Sunday morning and landed six keeper trout along with a bunch of throwbacks. Live shrimp was the bait.

John Sabo fished the back reaches of Greens Lake on Sunday morning and landed three slot reds while releasing several rat reds. Texas Trout Killer soft plastics were his baits.

Unconfirmed reports from Crystal Beach indicated good action on reds in the marshes around Yates Bayou.

This week, a good outgoing morning tide should help anglers who like to fish the bays and jetties during the morning.

The surf is in poor shape from all of the stormy weather; however, it still is a good spot for possibly hooking up with bull reds.

Capt. Joe Kent is a columnist for The Daily News. Report your catch to or call 409-683-5273.

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