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The Galveston County Daily News: Simple Fitness

September 29, 2016

Simple Fitness

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Don't regret what you've done

It’s easy to look over our lives and regret the things we’ve done. But really, we should be regretting the things we didn’t do.

  • icon Posted: September 27

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Tuesday 09/20/2016
What are you waiting for?
Posted: September 20, 2016

Every one of us has goals or life experiences we would like to accomplish. But for some reason, we continue to give excuses that keep us from pursuing them. What are you waiting for?

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Tuesday 09/13/2016
Keep it simple, stay consistent
Posted: September 13, 2016

Through the years, there have been many people asking me for advice with diets, exercise and stress relief. I typically guide them in the proper direction, according to their situation.

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Tuesday 09/06/2016
Keep filling the glass
Posted: September 06, 2016

We’ve all heard the expression, “Is the glass half full or half empty?” I read once from a positive thinker that you should not look at it that way and just keep filling the glass. Now if you really think about it, that’s a powerful statement.

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Tuesday 08/30/2016
Learn to get back up and never quit
Posted: August 30, 2016

As parents, one of the best lessons we can teach our children is to get back up after being knocked down. These lessons will be needed throughout their whole lives.

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Tuesday 08/16/2016
Change your destructive family patterns
Posted: August 16, 2016

Have you ever noticed obese parents typically have obese children? How about athletic parents raising children athletes?

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Tuesday 08/09/2016
If you want it, act like it
Posted: August 09, 2016

Recently, my daughter Daylyn tried out and made the freshman high school volleyball team. Daylyn explained to me how there’s such a big difference in skills between the varsity players compared to the subvarsity teams.

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Friday 07/29/2016
What choices will you make today?
Posted: July 29, 2016

Each morning, we wake to a full day of choices. Every thought and every action is based on a series of choices.

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Tuesday 07/26/2016
Turn weaknesses into strengths
Posted: July 26, 2016

We all have strengths and weaknesses in every category of life. This includes job experience, relationships, spiritual, self-confidence, diets and habits.

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Tuesday 07/19/2016
Use exercise to slay demons
Posted: July 19, 2016

We all carry different levels and types of demons within ourselves. We know our personal flaws, some of which are very destructive to our daily lives and those around us.

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