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The Galveston County Daily News: Simple Fitness

December 2, 2016

Simple Fitness

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Get off the sidelines

Not only in sports, if I wanted to dictate my life, then I needed to get off the sidelines and pursue happiness and success to live the life I wanted.

  • icon Posted: November 29

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Tuesday 11/22/2016
Life in the red zone
Posted: November 22, 2016

If you’re not familiar with the red zone in football, it’s an opportunity to score from the opponent’s 20-yard line into the end zone. All football teams have a strategy within the red zone because the playing field becomes much smaller.

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Tuesday 11/15/2016
Take the wheel of life
Posted: November 15, 2016

Are you behind on your goals and dreams? Are the bills stacking up? Why haven’t you lost the weight needed? For some reason, there is one problem after another.

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Tuesday 11/08/2016
Business planning in the gym
Posted: November 08, 2016

Most business meetings take place in conference rooms, golf courses and nice restaurants. Recently, I sat down with two gentlemen who business plan while training in the gym.

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Tuesday 11/01/2016
Clean up after the battle
Posted: November 01, 2016

We all have multiple battles we deal with each day. The most common battles are maintaining a job for financial security, relationships with spouses or partners, improving a healthy lifestyle or combating life threatening illnesses — just to name a few.

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Tuesday 10/25/2016
"The Power of You"
Posted: October 25, 2016

My sister Karen Tepera Franklin is a very successful business woman in the apartment management industry. Each year, Karen hosts an annual conference she created called WAM — Women’s Asset Managers.

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Tuesday 10/18/2016
Why are people addicted to junk food?
Posted: October 18, 2016

Recently, I was a guest speaker to a group of high school seniors. One student asked me my thoughts of why people become addicted to junk food.

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Tuesday 10/11/2016
Make it a great day
Posted: October 11, 2016

Recently, I was listening to a radio interview with Troy Aikman, Hall of Famer and former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Aikman was asked about his former wide receiver Michael Irvin. His response was how Irvin can turn an average practice into a great one with his enthusiasm and work ethic.

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Tuesday 10/04/2016
Let's hit a walk-off home run
Posted: October 04, 2016

As a batter in baseball, there’s not a more compelling hit than a walk-off home run. I’ve never accomplished that, but it has to be the most amazing feeling to know you’ve won the game with one powerful hit.

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Tuesday 09/27/2016
Don't regret what you've done
Posted: September 27, 2016

It’s easy to look over our lives and regret the things we’ve done. But really, we should be regretting the things we didn’t do.

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