This column is dedicated to all recreational golfers whose downswings do not start correctly; those whose arms and shoulders get separated; and of course, the millions who have a flat shoulder plane rather than a more upright shoulder plane.

Justin Tupper of Revolution Golf purports to have a gizmo that fixes all three issues, somewhat in a jiffy. Just as I was almost tempted enough to order one, they sold out. Again. Shucks. Check out the “Sure-Set” at the Revolution Golf website and wait — the $114 value is sure to come around again at a reduced price of $87.

In the meantime, what if the rain stops, the sun breaks through and your course beckons you with need for neither waders nor parka? What if you or a playing partner’s shoulders get perfectly on plane with shoulders and arms perfectly connected and you, he or she initiates a downswing with perfect sequencing? What if the ball jumps from the club and your entire group senses what comes next: a hole-in-one?

What will you do? What will you say? How will each of you later describe it? What will be available for future generations that will allow them to see the joy and elation of that ace?

Faded photographs can help tell the story of a hole-in-one. Today, it is very unlikely that a foursome of golfers is devoid a device capable of taking photos. And photos documenting a hole-in-one produce some lovely, large and genuine smiles.

Having a photo of one’s ace is great; but having a copy of the local newspaper in which that photo appeared means that that faded photograph, covered now with lines and creases (from a Classics IV song, 1968) will live forever, accessible by anyone having a curiosity.

Send documentation of your next hole-in-one to me along with the date it was made, the course, hole number and its par and distance. Also, include the names of those who witnessed the ace, and their reactions as well as yours. Be sure to say what club you used, and whether this was your first or 31st ace (if it’s your 31st, prepare to sit down with me to discuss each and every one).

But wait, there’s more! Send any and all golf or golf-related photos you would like to see in the newspaper, and tell me why you think that. I’ll do my best to get them into the ink.


Not war, and not the Beatles — Revolution Golf. While it was too late to order the Sure Set gizmo, the “pre-launch” price of the Tour Edge Fairway Woods and the opportunity for a free “custom-fit to your precise specifications” I just could not pass up.

The likes of Brandt Snedeker, Matt Kuchar and Chi Chi Rodriguez would never steer me wrong. Toss in Luke Donald, Tom Watson and Zach Johnson, and that’s a delicious soup of well-known players who use Tour Edge clubs — without remuneration. I even went for the shaft upgrade.


Again, not the Beatles. Instead, it’s the reopening of VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa over on Barker Cypress Road. Last July was its grand opening; unfortunately, Harvey prompted its abrupt closing.

VillaSport is not a golf operation, but the reopening is going to include some golf competition this Sunday. There being no real football (the Pro Bowl doesn’t count), I have accepted general manager Herb Lipsman’s invitation to participate in the festivities.

Also, I will have the opportunity to catch up with Art Stricklin, golf book author, columnist and driving force behind The Art of Golf Travel. Artie’s a gem of a humanitarian in addition to being a great story teller. You can check out his work at If you and your group are thinking about putting a golf vacation, he surely will be able to assist.


For sure a step in the wrong direction, generally speaking. If, however, you took a break and found that Tour Edge fairway wood online for $187, do not order it. Finish this column, then get back online to Revolution (you know) Golf. It’s cheaper.

Be safe, on and off the course.

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