“No more pencils no more books; no more teacher’s dirty looks; out for summer, out till fall — we might not come back at all” sang Alice Cooper back in 1972.

School is out for the summer. My first clue was the small parade of cars that whisked down my street, around the cul-de-sac, and just shy of screeching came to a halt in front of my house. They were not visiting me or the next door neighbor, but parked in front of mine and the neighbor’s house they did.

It was clearly a celebration of the last day of school, and soon came the pleasant laughter of a group who felt exactly what Cooper meant back in 1972.

At least one of the teens involved in the end-of-year festivities I know to be a golfer. I hope it was not a friend of the golfer who, within 24 hours of the last bell of dismissal (if they still have bells of dismissal), managed to render one of the subdivision entry/exit arms stuck in the up position.

It happens every year — and soon will be the failed attempt to get two vehicles in with one lift of the arm, which will result in one broken arm lying mortally wounded by the side of the keypad. Kids.

They don’t belong

The signs posted at various locations on the golf course are printed in letters that even my aging eyes can read; they politely admonish everyone who is not a golfer to stay off the golf course. This time of year, those signs are — as drivers in Italy often explain — merely a suggestion.

The young man we encountered on Sunday morning was quickly both understanding and compliant when a playing partner explained to him that using the walk/run/bike path just across the way was a much safer ride. He biked on over.

We encounter many such youngsters, and some are not nearly so polite or seem to understand the risk they take on a golf course loaded with not ready for prime time golfers.

Then it happened. For the first time ever, on any golf course anywhere any of the five of us have ever played, it happened. At first, it sounded like the roar of a gasoline edger or tree trimmer, but then, not so slowly, the noise and the image grew larger and it was plain to see: a very small motorbike — seemingly smaller than the ones the Shriners ride — approached.

The young man allowed that he saw us and we were therefore safe from him. Hearing the explanation that HE was the one at risk, he also politely left the course.

It could be a long summer. Kids.

They belong

One more tip of the Tam O’Shanter to the Clear Creek Wildcats and to the Chargers of Clear Springs for their highly successful seasons.

The Lady ‘Cats claimed a district title, knocking off the reigning champs of 17 consecutive years. The Chargers made it all the way to the Class 6A state tournament before the bounces went the wrong way and the putts failed to drop. Here are the names of schools that have new and shiny objects in their trophy cases and can call themselves state golf champions:

In Class 6A, the Austin Westlake boys and Lake Travis girls will be the team to beat next year. In Class 5A, Grapevine girls and Dallas Highland Park Boys will try to repeat in 2018. Argyle High School (HS), Troup HS, Grapeland HS and Happy HS are all boys champions, representing 4A, 3A, 2A and 1A, respectively. Girls champions from 4A through 1A are Andrews HS, Sonora HS, Memphis HS and Blanket HS. That about covers the UIL categories.

TAPPS state champions (boys) are: Addison Trinity Christian (6A), Midland Christian (5A), Midland Trinity (4A), RW Heritage Christian (3A), Lubbock All Saints (2A) and Longview Trinity (1A). Girls champions are from 6A Incarnate Word, 5A Midland Christian, 4A Midland Trinity, 3A Spring Frassati Catholic, 2A St. Paul Catholic and Class 1A Longview Trinity. Kids!

Belong, maybe?

I got a really nice email welcoming me as a 2017 Solheim Cup volunteer. The competition is less than 80 days away and will be contested in Iowa. How neat! Except, I never was accepted as a volunteer because I never actually signed up. But, I certainly intend to watch the matches on television.

Be safe, on and off the course.

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