Anthony Carbone and Adam Luzuriaga smile at the camera as they were the two winners from Sunday's tournament. Omniverse VR held its second tournament in a series for the world's first active Virtual Reality eSports tournament at Baybrook Mall outside of the Microsoft Store on Sunday.


This is not my first time covering a live tournament or sporting event. I have covered many sporting events. However, I have never covered a virtual reality event, and Sunday’s event was the second tournament in a series for the world’s first active Virtual Reality eSports tournament.

How the game works

Omniverse VR was in the charge of the event, and they were set up outside the Microsoft Store who hosted the event, so it was not hard for shoppers to see the event. Omniverse VR’s owner, Chad Modad, had the players competing meet for a briefing.

Modad told the players Virtuix made a game called OmniArena, and the players would be playing a setting called Hardpoint.

The goal is to run to a position on the map. The game has three points (A, B, and C), and the game’s commentator will randomly choose a point. The player has to defend the position and either accumulates 500 points or have the most points after five minutes.

Each player has guns and grenades. The player also has plasma cannons that appear throughout the game. One player is Team Blue, and the other player is Team Orange. A player also has to win two of the three rounds to advance.

What happened during the game

When I was watching the game usually time would run out before a player could collect 500 points. You collect points at normal rate, but the amount of points needed to end the game was the difficult part. The game was also basically “capture the flag.”

You find the area, you defend the area by killing your opponent, then you quickly find health bars to re-heal, and if you somehow still have time you go grab a plasma cannon. Grenades were also important to use correctly because if done well they can quickly defeat your opponent, but if done poorly you will end up killing yourself.

The fans were allowed to be loud during the game and were even encouraged to cheer for the players. However, the 50 people who were watching (I counted 50 at one point) the game were not as loud as they could have been.

Final Thought

I had an enjoyable time covering this event live. I already wrote a preview about Omniverse VR before Sunday’s tournament, so this definitely helped me out. The tournament was not as hard as I thought it would be to cover.

The two winners from Sunday’s tournament were Anthony Carbone who took first place and Adam Luzuriaga who took second place.

Keenan Betz: 409-683-5242;; or on Twitter @surebetkeenan

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