No doubt Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliott are helping make America’s Team great again.

But, Dallas Cowboys fans, don’t be trumped by your team’s overnight success and rise to the top just yet.

There’s plenty more football to be played, beginning tonight in Minneapolis when the 10-1 ‘Boys visit the Minnesota Vikings in another nationally-televised must-win.

Yes, must.

True, Dallas owns a two-game lead over its closest NFC East challenger, the New York Giants, with five games to go.

But a loss to Minnesota, coupled with a Giants win on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, could potentially make the Cowboys’ Dec. 11 visit to the Meadowlands one that determines the East leader for keeps down the stretch.

Despite the possibility of identical 10-3 records, New York would have the upper hand on Dallas tiebreaker-wise since the Giants beat the Cowboys on opening day.

A big plus for Dallas is that Prescott and Elliott were rookies that first game and haven’t played like NFL beginners since then.

Prescott was only supposed to help keep the Cowboys in the picture until Tony Romo was ready to take over again.

Ten wins in a row later, Romo’s the one not in focus thanks to the new kid on the block whose mama taught him the right way, even when it comes to throwing trash away on the sidelines.

While Prescott and Elliott have the offense well under control, it will be up to the defense to protect its teammates’ points production these remaining five games.

Against Washington on Turkey Day, though, the Cowboys’ no-name defense lived up to that labeling, cornerback Anthony Brown in particular getting burnt for a 67-yard touchdown pass and run.

But having Barry Church back at strong safety will be a welcomed return, and cornerback Morris Claiborne is expected to be in the starting lineup again soon.

Not only does Dallas need to rule the East again, it needs to keep winning and grab home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

But first make the postseason, and go from there, starting with the Vikings.

My lucky number has always been “21,” and it’s been 21 years since the Cowboys last played in a Super Bowl. And Zeke just happens to wear jersey No. 21.

Is that an omen of good things to come?

(4) comments

Robert Buckner

I hope you're right Mr. Moreno

George Croix

They've managed to do so before.
Here's HOPING not this Aggies fell apart, going from #4 to off the chart, so am looking for something in football in this state to smile about here at the end of season......

Jarvis Buckley

My Longhorns fell apart also.
It appears the Cowboys finally
have found the recipe for success . You can see it on
Jason Garrett's face.🏈

Bill Cogburn

Thanks for the article on the Cowboys, so rare to see in GDN. I've been a fan for close to 50 years. It's been a long dry spell, I sure could get use to this.

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