For yet another year in its short, four-year existence, the College Football Playoff has proved to be one of the best things to ever happen to the sport. Once again, the playoff accomplished its main purpose: to ensure that the two best teams in the country will indeed meet for the National Championship.

If it had been left up to any of the polling systems of the past, this year’s National Championship would have been a contest between No. 1 Clemson and No. 2 Oklahoma. Thanks to the College Football Playoff, worthy contenders No. 4 Alabama and No. 3 Georgia had something to say about that, defeating those respective higher-ranked teams.

On New Year’s Day, Georgia and Oklahoma delivered an instant classic of a game in the Rose Bowl, and the most controversial entrant into the College Football Playoff, Alabama, completely dominated top-ranked Clemson in the Sugar Bowl — earning their spots in the National Championship.

Now, the two SEC rivals are booked for what should be an excellent National Championship on Monday. Again, none of these developments would be possible without the well-conceived College Football Playoff.

Now talks of expanding the College Football Playoff field from four to eight teams (and sooner rather than later) are heating up. But, to harken back to an old adage, if the current College Football Playoff format is clearly not broken (and is even thriving), should it be fixed?

Well, to utilize another familiar saying, you can’t have too much of a good thing. And, expanding the College Football Playoff to eight teams would definitely be more of a good thing.

If an eight-team playoff had been in place this season, teams with a legitimate bone to pick about not being in the top four — like undefeated Central Florida and a strong Ohio State squad, among others — could have proved their worth on the field.

Going forward, there’s never going to be a season where a team (or teams) won’t have a gripe about being snubbed from the College Football Playoff top four, so the sooner it gets expanded to eight teams (which seems like a good number to please just about any team with a legit claim to be the best in the land) to be more inclusive, the better.

Who could possibly turn down more of a good thing?

James LaCombe: 409-683-5242, or on Twitter @JamesAtGalvNews

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